Proposal for workshop at the Grassroots Media Conference

With over a billion people online, today's Internet is one of humanity's largest social movements, reflecting the kind of social interaction and collective achievement activists like us struggle for world-wide. And it has grown despite relentless opposition by powerful forces that don't want a "better world" for most of us. As such, it represents one of the progressive movement's most significant victories.

In this gathering, we seek to collaboratively write an Internet Justice Bill of Rights using group process, the web, and an innovative decision making mechanism that builds direct engagement with others. We will examine among other topics what the Internet really means for us and our movements and how we as progressive activists can work inside the Internet to broaden its positive impact.

This will be an on-line workshop with participants at the GMC and in CITY NAME. Participants will literally "share" the workshop's work as if they were in the same room.

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