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     1= Yahoo breaks mailing list around the Internet =
     3In early April, Yahoo changed their email configuration in an effort to stop spam. This change has caused widespread problems with users throughout the Internet, including May First/People Link Members.
     5As a result of the changes, email messages sent to our email lists that are from a Yahoo address will bounce when delivered to many providers, including but not limited to gmail and comcast accounts. Once enough bounces are recorded, these subscribers (the gmail and comcast subscribers) will be removed from your lists.
     7What should you do? If you are sending messages to our email list from a Yahoo account, please stop immediately. If you are a May First/People Link, please open a support ticket to ask for help in setting up a May First/People Link email address ( If you are not a May First/People Link member, please join. Either way: stop using Yahoo.
     9If you manage an email list, please email your list warning them about this problem and asking that subscribers with Yahoo address stop sending messages to the list.
     11May First/People Link is currently reviewing our options to address this problem.