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==World Social Forum Day of Action Campaign==

One of May First/People Link's members (Ben from Agaric Design and People Who Give a Damn) is working hard to build out the web site to support the World Social Forum Day of Action scheduled for January 2008 (as of this post, the ultimate site is still under construction).

Here's a proposed campaign for how we can support this work while at the same time engage our members:

  • November 1: Send an email via the Low down talking up the day of action and asking people to respond to us if they are planning any actions. Ask them to both email us and fill out their proposals on the WSF 2008 site. Clearly if we get no response to that email, we would want to re-think this campaign.
  • November 21: Send out a second email via Low Down profiling our members who are planning actions. Include in this email a request to all members to add a mention of support for the WSF 2008 on their home page. This mention could vary from a small banner to pulling in a feed of actions being planned in the organization's geographic area or based on the organization's area of focus (I'm assuming Ben will be setting up the site to allow for this). Offer to make this change for the organization.
  • Recruit 2 - 3 people with broad enough technical skills that they can implement these changes on a variety of web sites running a variety of platforms. Use this ticket tracking system to keep track of requests and make assignments.
  • The goal would be to have these web site modifications completed before the December holidays