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Wheezy Jessie Final Upgrade

Now that we have upgraded nearly all the moshes to jessie, it's time to finish the job.

We are more than 50% there:

  • Running Squeeze: 12
  • Running Wheezy: 49
  • Running Jessie: 80

Steps to upgrade

For a Mosh: read mosh upgrade page, more complicated.

For other servers:

  • Read what the server does in puppet - test services before upgrading
  • Delete all sources and preferences files:
    rm -f /etc/apt/preferences.d/* /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*
  • Edit source.list to change to squeeze/jessie (if the server is running squeeze, update to wheezy first!)
    nano /etc/apt/sources.list
    # or
    sed -i 's/wheezy/jessie/g' /etc/apt/sources.list
  • Update and upgrade
    apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade
  • Run freepuppet
  • Update again
    apt-get dist-upgrade
  • If it is NOT a physical server, reboot.
  • Test again

The more detailed upgrade process

Here's my list of servers to upgrade:


  • assata:wheezy (jaimev)
  • barron:wheezy (jaimev)
  • cleaver:wheezy (jaimev)
  • clr:wheezy (jaimev)
  • florence:wheezy (jaimev)
  • fuller:wheezy (jaimev)
  • herman:wheezy (retire) (steve)
  • howard:wheezy (steve)
  • iz:wheezy (greg)
  • jojobe:wheezy (UK server)
  • keller:wheezy (greg)
  • leslie:wheezy (greg)
  • malaka:squeeze (greg)
  • mcchesney:wheezy
  • parsi:wheezy (nat)
  • peltier:wheezy (nat)
  • pietri:wheezy (nat)
  • revueltas:wheezy (airtime)
  • robideau:squeeze
  • sankara:wheezy (nat)
  • stallman:wheezy (roundcube) (steve)
  • toussaint:wheezy (nat)
  • vilma:wheezy
  • zimmermann:wheezy (steve)
  • ranciere:wheezy (old telehouse-based authoritative DNS server, nothing live on it now)


  • hashmi:squeeze (pin PHP to current version, ensure apache files all end in .conf)
  • jones:squeeze (pin PHP to current version, ensure apache files all end in .conf)
  • roe:squeeze (ensure apache files all end in .conf)
  • slaapbeen:wheezy
  • sojourner:wheezy

Special Care

These should be handled carefully because they are dedicated to members or handle mission critical services

Sahara Reporters (Ross)

  • achebe:wheezy
  • acholonu:wheezy
  • bouazizi:wheezy
  • deadeasy:wheezy
  • franz:wheezy

PTP (jamie)

  • augusto:wheezy
  • dorvalina:wheezy
  • marti:wheezy

Yes men

  • banksy:wheezy
  • baubo:wheezy

Varnish (Ross?)

Known issues with migration path.

  • dolores:wheezy
  • ngugi:wheezy
  • saadawi:wheezy

Rochester IMC

  • douglass:squeeze (ben)

Laneta (Enrique?)

  • mx1:squeeze - do not upgrade
  • mx24:squeeze - jamie to analyze if it is still in use
  • mx25:squeeze - erq will email adolfo to find out if he can help upgrade
  • mx3:squeeze - mailman server, upgrade to jessie


  • barghouti:wheezy (contact CIVIC)
  • dee:wheezy (contact Emily Haddad)
  • JAMIE morales:squeeze (Portside - listserv)
  • JAMIE hay:wheezy (careful! running,
  • gamiz:wheezy (authoritative DNS)
  • kennedy:wheezy (authoritative DNS)
  • kramer:squeeze (Philly Fight - running koha)
  • moses:wheezy (running - dkg?)
  • rustin:wheezy (bulk mail relay)
  • cleveland:wheezy (bulk mail relay)
  • woodhull:wheezy (NLG - file sharing)

Here's my list of servers that need upgrades but will be retired during xo -> telehouse transition so it's not worth the effort: