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     1= Upgrade MOSHES from Wheezy to Jessie =
     3The support team is planning the upgrade of our servers from Debian 7 (wheezy) to Debian 8 (jessie), which has important implications for member web sites. All members will need to ensure that your web software will be compatible with PHP 5.6. Failure to ensure compatibility may result in your web site failing to work properly.
     5This wiki page documents the information members need to know, including the schedule for upgrading our MOSH servers from wheezy to jessie and the communications we plan to have with members regarding this transition. You may also be interested in our technical notes of the upgrade process. We also have a communications page with our drafted email notifications.
     7== What do I need to do to prepare for the upgrade? ==
     9TBD - specific technical implications.
     11== Why are we making this change? ==
     13The security of our shared servers depends on running software that is being actively maintained and patched when security flaws are discovered. If just one site is insecure, then all members on that server become vulnerable. We regularly experience problems (slow downs on servers, blocked email) that are caused by members running old versions of web software. We fully recognize that upgrading web applications is time consuming and expensive. However, we also know that this process is a necessary one in order to preserve both the security of your site as well as the over-all security of our organization.