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     1= Participating in the Palestine World Education Forum Collaborative Democracy Workshop =
     3This page is for groups of 5 or more people who are participating in the [ May First People Link]/[ WEF Palestine] collaborative democracy workshop.
     5To begin with - please follow our [wiki:chat directions for connecting via IRC]. It's important that the event organizers maintain a place to communicate to ensure the smooth functioning of the workshop. Please connect in advance to ensure that you will be able to join the chat.
     7== What you need ==
     9To participate in the workshop, you will need:
     11 * 5 or more people
     12 * One person who is the designated computer organizer. This person must be on a computer connected to the Internet and connected to the chat room.
     13 * One person who is the designated room organizer. This person will present instructions to the people who attend
     14 * A projector connected to a computer with Internet access
     15 * A computer for each group of five people in your location
     17== Schedule ==
     19All times America/New_York (eastern):
     21 * 10:00 am: Each location, independently welcomes the participants and explains how the workshop works
     22 * 10:15 am: The workshop begins
     23 * 11:30 am: The workshop ends, each location begins independent, local discussion of how it went
     24 * 12:00 pm: End of workshop
     25 *
     27== Instructions ==
     29Below are suggested talking points for explaining how the workshop will work. Please feel free to adapt to meet your own audience.
     31Welcome! Let's start with a very brief go around in which everyone says their name and the organization they are representing.
     33In this workshop we are going to collaborate with cities around the world, including people in Palestine attending the World Education Forum, to develop a list of the 10 most important education rights.
     35We will working in small groups of 4 - 5 people. Here in _____________, we will have a room of small groups. As we speak, rooms in _________________ are doing the same thing.
     37Here, and in all locations, each small group will have one person with a computer who is in charge of communicating the group's ideas to all the other small groups by typing them into a shared web site.
     39You will all be able to see, via the projector, what all the other groups are entering, as they enter it.
     41Every group will have the ability to add an item by clicking the Add item item link. However, once we have 10 items listed, nobody will be able to add a new item. If there are important items not listed, you will need to edit an item added by another group to reflect what you think is missing. Every group is free to edit any agenda item, regardless of who submitted it. There is no ownership of ideas in this workshop.
     43And, there's an additional element: groups can endorse items as well. The items with the most endorsements will rise to the top, while the ones with the fewest endorsers will sink to the bottom.
     45And a final note on editing: be careful with your edits on items you are in support of - when you edit an agenda item, it will drop all the endorsers.
     47Are there any questions about how the workshop will work?