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    1616== Download and Installation ==
    18 ''If you have the Chrome browser or Firefox version 76 or later, you do not need to install anything.'' Simply go to: in your Chrome or Firefox 76 browser and create a meeting, or click on the meeting link sent to you by the meeting organizer.
    20 ''If you do not have Chrome or a recent version of Firefox,'' please download the special Jitsi Meet application using the appropriate link below.
    22 Desktop versions:
    24  * [ Windows Download] and [ screencast on installing on windows]
    25   * Right click on the installer and select "run as administrator"
    26   * If you get a warning labeled "Windows protected your PC", click "More info" and then click "Run anyway"
    27  * [ Macintosh Download] and [ screencast on installing on mac]
    28   * If you get a warning "Jitsi Meet can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" then:
    29     * Click OK to dismiss the message
    30     * Hold down the control key on your keyboard and click once on the Jitsi Meet icon
    31     * Click Open
    32     * You will be asked if you are sure you want to open it
    33     * Click Open
    34  * [ Linux Download] and [wiki:install-jitsi-meet-linux instructions for installing on linux]
    35  * [ (All desktop versions)]
     18''If you are using a Desktop computer, simply go to: in your up to date Chrome or Firefox browser and create a meeting, or click on the meeting link sent to you by the meeting organizer.
    3720Mobile versions:
    3922 * [ Android] or download via [ f-droid]
    4023 * [ iPhone]
    42 Need more help? Please try out one of these screencasts:
    44  * [ Install Jitsi Meet app on Windows]
    45  * [ Install Jitsi Meet app on Macintosh]
    46  * [wiki:install-jitsi-meet-linux instructions for installing on Linux]
    4825If you are searching the web or your app store for "jitsi" -don't get confused by the "jitsi" app - you want to install "Jitsi Meet". It has a similar name, but is a different program.
    86 == Limitations ==
     63== With Simultaneous Interpretation ==
    88  * Jitsi meet works best with 20 or fewer participants.
     65If you have a live, human interpreter and you would like your meeting to be interpreted between two different languages, you can use our special Interpretation-enabled version of Jitsi Meet, by adding an "i" to the beginning of the address:
     691. The Interpreter must change their name to include the word "interpret" in it - so they can be identified as the interpreter
     702. A language slider will appear at the top of the screen - allowing you to hear either the interpreter or the live speakers.
     72Our interpretation enhanced version of Jitsi Meet does not work with the Jitsi Meet apps - either the desktop apps or the mobile apps. Everyone will need to participate via either the Firefox or Chrome browser via their desktop.
     74== General Limitations ==
     76 * Jitsi meet works best with 20 or fewer participants, but seems to work with as many as 50 or 60 participants.
    8977 * If just one participant is using an un-supported browser (like an older version of Firefox or Internet Edge/Explorer or Safari) it can make the entire meeting fail.
    9078 * To conserve bandwidth, only the last 8 participants who have spoken will have their video streams sent to everyone else.