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    33May First/People Link has several tools for web-based conferencing.
    5 = Video Conferencing =
     5== Recommended Tool ==
    7  * is a video conference tools that provides video conference, shared scratch pad, desktop sharing, text chat and more.
    8  * provides video conference and a shared notepad.
    9  * is audio-only and provides a live interpretation channel
     7Jitsi Meet is our recommended tool for web-based video conferencing. All participants can join a video conference by clicking on a web link that you can send by email or instant message. Each participants must have a functional microphone and speakers on their computers and (optionally) a camera.
     9Jitsi Meet works best with 5 or less participants (if you have more participants, you will have better sound quality if each participants disables the video option).
     11All participants must use a recent version of Chrome/Chromium or Firefox/Iceweasel. If you are using chromium, you must pass the --no-sandbox option.
     13To start a conference, visit:
     15Alternatively, you can pick a conference room by inventing your own address on the web site. For example, you could invite all participants to go to:
     17The first person to enter the conference is the moderator, and will have special rights (for example they can mute other individuals, kick someone out of the conference, or set a password for the conference room).
     19If you want to enable desktop sharing, you will need to be running either Chrome or Chromium and:
     21 * Download the desktop sharing application:
     22 * Unpack the folder: `tar -xzvf desktop-sharing.tgz` on Linux, or double click on Windows or Mac.
     23 * Type the following into your browser address window: chrome://extensions
     24 * Check the "Developer Mode" checkbox in the top right corner
     25 * Click "Load Unpacked Extension"
     26 * Navigate to the unpacked folder and open it
     27 * You should now see a new extension called "Mayfirst's Jitsi Desktop Streamer." Click the Enable checkbox.
     28 * Now, open a Jitsi Meet conference and you can click on the Share Screen option
     30== Experimental Tools ==
     32The following tools are experimental.
     34 * provides video conference and a shared notepad. You must use Chrome or Chromium.
     36 * is audio-only and provides a live interpretation channel.