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    1818The first person to enter the conference is the moderator, and will have special rights (for example they can mute other individuals, kick someone out of the conference, or set a password for the conference room).
     20=== Help! How does this work ===
     24 * In the top left corner there is an icon of either a camera or a microphone. If you don't see either (or you see a lock) then it means you are not sharing your camera and/or microphone. Reload the page and look for a pop up window asking you to share these things.
     25 * Along the top of your screen (you will only see it if you move your mouse in that direction) you see a lot of icons. The one on the far left is a microphone. Click the microphone to mute yourself. Please do this when you are not talking! The one next to it is a camera. Click the camera to turn off your video. You may be asked to do this if the conference encounters bandwidth problems.
     26 * In the bottom right corner is a cartoon talk bubble. Click this button to start the text chat. Please do this! Your conference organizer may need to communicate with people who are not able to talk or hear in the conference.
    2028=== Desktop Sharing ===