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Trying to install your Wordpress, Drupal or Backdrop app?

If you are trying to install your WordPress, Drupal or Backdrop app and you ended up here, it's because you are trying to install it from a different address then you had when you started the process in our control panel.

You have a few options:

  1. Open a support ticket and we can temporarily remove this restriction
  2. You can delete your web configuration and your web app from the control panel and then re-create each one. Be sure to start the installation right away to avoid this problem.

Why is this happening?

Between the time you add your web app files to the server and the time you complete the installation is a window of time that an attacker can take advantage of to install your app in a way that they can control.

To prevent this from happening, we lock your web app in way that only allows someone to run the installation if they are using the same IP address that they were using when the started the process.