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This How-To provides an overview of how to transfer your site from your existing Internet Service Provider to May First in a smooth and predictable manner. There are five steps in the process:

  1. Setup your account with May First. During this step your domain name, web site, and email addresses are configured on May First servers. However, all action is still happening on your old Internet Service Provider. The May First servers are simply waiting to take over when you give us the go-ahead. You must notify May First at this point that you are transferring from an existing Internet Service Provider so we can ensure that everything is properly set up. After this step is complete, you should test all settings - log in with the user name and password we provide for you (and make sure you can log into all the email accounts created).
  2. Copy your web site to May First. If you have a standard html-based web site, this step should be a straight forward process of copying the file from your old Internet Service Provider to you computer, and then copying them from your computer to May First. If you use a Content Management System or some form of database driven web site, you may need extra help copying the database to May First. The best approach is to recruit the person who setup your database to help you with the switch. Depending on our workload, we can help you make the transition. After you copy the files - don't make any updates until after the change over takes place!
  3. Configure your email settings to download email from both your old Internet Service Provider and May First. Alternatively, if you use web mail, synchronize your email from your old Internet Service Provider to May First. This step has so many variations depending on how you use email, that we've developed a separate how-to on this particular topic.
  4. Transfer control of your domain name from your existing Internet Service Provider to May First. This change typically takes 1 - 3 days to complete. More information on transferring your domain name is here?.know.