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How do I connect to a Telehouse server via the serial port?

At Telehouse, we have installed an Octopus 550 in sylvia, a domU that is installed on Octavia. An Octopus 550 is a pci card that has 8 serial lines coming out of it. Octavia already has two built-in serial lines. Octavia's first built-in serial line is outputting a getty for Octavia itself. The second built-in serial line is going to shadow. The remaining 8 serial lines are connected to other servers in our rack.

  • Out:
    • octavia getty (built-in serial console 1, octavia: ttyS0)
  • In:
    • shadow (built-in serial console 2, sylvia: ttyS0)
    • viewsic (octopus 1, sylvia: ttyS1)
    • malcolm (octopus 2, sylvia: ttyS2)
    • chavez (octopus 3, sylvia: ttyS3)
    • gramsci (octopus 4, sylvia: ttyS4)
    • sontag (octopus 5, sylvia: ttyS5)
    • menchu (octopus 6, sylvia: ttyS6)
    • leslie (octopus 7, sylvia: ttyS7)
    • evo (octopus 8, sylvia: ttyS8)

In order to connect via serial console to one of the servers named above, ssh into sylvia with the appropriate user name based on:


For example:

ssh -t cereal attach shadow

Would give you full read/write access to the console on shadow.

We can also setup additional users that have read-only access to the sessions created by each of these usernames.

In addition - we have a serial line running from leslie's /dev/ttyUSB0 that goes to Octavia, in case Octavia has problems.