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    1717Item 0: Describe:
    1818 * Ecosystem in which May First/People Link operates
    19  * What membership means
    20  * How our leadership operates
     19   * Because there seems to be a main constituent group that MF/PL is conspiring to serve and connect (namely, progressive organizations), the first order of thinking would be to understand the needs of small progressive organizations, and understand their constraints, needs and values.
     20   * Once we have a clear picture of that, we want to imagine these organizations being connected and served in a powerful way, and what that would look like.
     21 * MEMBERSHHIP: Then we want to look at how MF/PL manifests it services currently, and how that measures up with the above thinking.  We want to ask ourselves:
     22   * Does a membership model fit well with the needs, constraints and values listed above?
     23   * Why is the membership model important?
     24   * What has membership traditionally meant to MF/PL and how might it be re-ordered to satisfy the needs of all stakeholders better?
     25   * STRATEGY: what is the path forward for accomplishing this?
     26 * LEADERSHIP
     27   * Given the above, what form of leadership would best serve the above 'Ecosystem'?
     28   * What does leadership look like currently at MF/PL?
     29   * How do these two forms of leadership compare with one another.  What is the ideal?
     30   * STRATEGY: how can we move this organization from where it is now with respect to leadership, to where it should ideally be?
    2232Item 1: Lunch, financial review