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    2222   * What, coming from the perspective of a small progressive organization in this ecosystem (somewhat technologically illiterate), is valuable?
    2323   * As technologists, are there values we are assuming or imposing that these organizations would not think of on their own?  What are they?
    2425 * IDEAL: Once we have a clear picture of that, we want to imagine these organizations being connected and served in a powerful way, and what that would look like. 
    2526   * What are the benefits that might be gained from connecting and networking progressive organizations?
    2627   * Which of these would be obvious to the organizations?
    2728   * Of the benefits that would not be obvious to these organizations, what would be required to educate these organizations?
    2830 * MEMBERSHIP: Then we want to look at how MF/PL manifests it services currently, and how that measures up with the above thinking.  We want to ask ourselves:
    2931   * Does a membership model fit well with the needs, constraints and values listed above?
    5456     * Goals
    5557     * Paths forward
    5659 * Roles of people in the room in this effort
    5760   * Who might be available to help with respect to moving froward, and what would these folks require of this process and of MF/PL?