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    3 == Teams ==
     3= Teams =
    45These are the teams/groups that make up May First.
    6 === Support ===
    7 May First/People Link's support team responds to support requests and maintains the May First/People Link infrastructure.
     7== Support, Infrastructure and Data Sovereignty (SIDS)  ==
    9 This page provides an overview and easy access to support team members.
     9May First/People Link's [wiki:support-team SIDS team] responds to support requests and maintains the May First/People Link infrastructure. More information about our meetings and how to join is on our [wiki:support-team team page].
    11 [wiki:support-team Support Team]
     11== International Solidarity ==
    13 === Internationalization ===
    14 Translation Team Organizing Plan will be discussed via the email list internationalization[a]
     13This group is encharged with all our international relations including our work with organizations like APC, international conferences and visibility, communications and recruitment work in countries outside of the U.S. and Mexico.
    16 People interested in volunteering work in the translation team should send a message to l10n[a] so we have her/him setup.
     15Note: this proposal eliminates the Co-Director position and the staff. All current "work teams" are to be folded into the above workgroups.
    18 [wiki:projects/internationalization Internationalization Team]
     17== Outreach and Communications ==
    20 === People of Color Techie Training Program ===
    21 This program provides an intense, supportive mentored training program for activists of color to become professional-level, politically progressive and movement involved technologists.
     19This group is charged with our external relations and profile. It produces the materials we use, schedules our appearances and conference attendances, develops and works with our blog and media contacts, develops relations with other organizations and prepares periodic official statements under LC direction.
    23  * [wiki:projects/techies-of-color/proposal]
    24  * [wiki:projects/techies-of-color/workplan]
    25  * [wiki:projects/techies-of-color/evaluation]
     21== Membership and Administration ==
    27 === Leadership Committee ===
    28 The Leadership Committee is May First/People Link's body for deciding the organization's political direction.
     23This group oversees all member-related work and basic administrative and organizational operations. It is in charge of membership intake; communications with members (including internationalization); member orientation and discussion programs; and all administrative functions.
    30 [wiki:projects/leadership-committee Leadership Committee]
    32 ==== Voluntary and Contracted work Subcommittee ====
    34 For MF/PL, voluntary work is an expression of the commitment to our organization and the morale of its members and it has always been an essential aspect of our organizational work and life. At the same time, there are concrete needs that our volunteer workers cannot meet. Thanks to the enormous contribution of our members, volunteers and staff, MF/PL has the resources to pay for work in some important areas of our operations. We consider the decisions on who is hired and for what work to be a Co-Directors' responsibility since they oversee our operations but we also need to develop a general strategic vision and policy about what work is needed and what type of person we hire and/or recruit to do that work. 
    36 [wiki:projects/leadership-committee/labor Voluntary and Contracted work Sub-committee]
    38 ==== Democracy ====
    40 MF/PL has committed itself to becoming an organization built on a robust democracy among its members. How would we characterize our current democratic behavior? When do the decisions of our member organizations about the hosting of their resources and development of their infra-structure take on a political dimension? What concrete conditions would raise the level of democratic participation among our members? What kind of decision-making process do we need to develop and how do we do that?
    42 [wiki:projects/leadership-committee/democracy Democracy Sub-commitee]
    44 ==== Membership and Agenda ====
    46 This sub-committee develops a document that summarizes the discussions and proposals made by members at the last Membership Meeting in October, 2012, including the priorities set at the meeting. It should also plan and organize our face to face meeting in February, 2013 and our periodic "remote" meetings in collaboration with the Internationalization and Support staffs. In addition, this sub-committee, in collaboration with the Democracy sub-committee, will lead the organizing of the next membership meeting. 
    48 [wiki:projects/leadership-committee/membership-and-agenda Membership and Agenda]
    50 ==== Promotion and Communication ====
    52 To meet our political objectives, MF/PL has to define a strategy that involves what our members consider priority work in the bi-national situation in which we find ourselves, while building our infra-structure and the number of active members, broadening our human resources, our presence throughout the Hemisphere and our political influence.
    54 [wiki:projects/leadership-committee/promotion Promotion and Communication]
    56 ==== Leadership Committee in Mexico  ====
    58 There are four members of the LC living in Mexico who are working on different subCommittees, while promoting specific initiatives towards developing MF/PL in our country. Our goals are:
    59  1. Formalize legally the representation of MF/PL through Cooperativa Tecnológica Primero de Mayo/Enlace Popular, in charge of outreach, promotion, local solidarity, administration and other developments previously agreed in the Leadership Committe assembly. [wiki:/projects/mexico-coop Plans and steps taken can be found here].
    60  2. [wiki:projects/server-colocation-mexico Servers collocation in Mexico]
    61  3. Conforming a tech-team that collaborates to develop our local infrastructure.