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     4'''Federated Cameras'''
     6This is a rough outline of the moving pieces of fedcam.
     8== camera hosts ==
     9Our set up has four camera hosts, two in each cabinet. (front and back).
     11 * Telehouse: ken (front)  and  negri (back)
     12 * XO: luisa and ottorene
     14The files on each host server lives in `/srv/motion/cam0/`
     16These machines are running the motion daemon, and the main config file is `/etc/motion/motion.conf`.
     18Each of these machines will need a series of files put in place, and specified in the motion configs.
     20All of this needs to be put into...
     22== Puppet ==
     23There needs to be a puppet module, or modules.
     25One set of configs for the camera hosts, and another set of configs for the remote host (in this case `jojobe`).
     27The camera hosts need:
     28 * event start script
     29 * frame write script
     30 * event end script
     31 * etc conf.
     33The web host needs:
     34 * the web app files
     35 * sqlite3 installed, and blank db created
     36 * cron job to delete data tagged for deletion.
     39== Other Tasks that need completeing ==
     41=== jojobe ===
     42Mod Auth openid needs to be enabled on jojobe, and the fedcam software needs to be updated to use that in the .htaccess.
     44set up the sqlite3 db on the jojobe
     46build file structure:
     48  files/telehouse/front
     49  files/telehouse/back
     50  files/XO/front
     51  files/XO/back
     54Remember the dir names get read as meaningful values by the web app, so name em right.
     56== fedcam software ==
     58Update to work with OpenID auth
     60== on the individual camera hosts ==
     62Add the config file to /etc/fedcamrc
     64create the ~/.ssh/masters file for the motion user.
     66Add the push-frame script
     67Add the event end script
     69Add the motion cleanup script