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Speakeasy/Sunset Park DSL modem settings

If we ever need to replace our Sunset Park/Speakeasy modem, we need to purchase a rfc1483 (or rfc 2684 - which replaced rfc1483) compliant DSL modem.

The following settings should be used (as indicated by Speakeasy on 2009-02-27):

  • Line Encoding: g.dmt
  • Data mode: rfc1483 data bridged (or rfc2684)
  • VPI: 0
  • VCI: 35
  • ATM service/Type: UBR
  • PCR (Peak cell rate): 2500
  • Encapsalation type: LLC/Snap

The Netgear DM111P works.

Netgear DM111P default ADSL settings:

Netgear DM11P ADSL settings that work with Speakeasy:

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