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How do I connect to an MF/PL server located at Sunset Park via the serial port?

Note: if you are trying to connect to a server in our XO/Bandcon, see our XO serial access page; for Telehouse see Telehouse serial acess page.

Serial Console physical setup

In Sunset Park we have an 8 port USB to serial adapter using the pl2303 chipset that is plugged into our office router ( They 8 ports are allocated:

  • yaqeen (Cable 1: ttyUSB0) - alfredo/praxis project
  • sittingbull (Cable 2: ttyUSB1)
  • NOT IN USE (Cable 3: ttyUSB2)
  • NOT IN USE (Cable 4: ttyUSB3)
  • NOT IN USE (Cable 5: ttyUSB4)
  • NOT IN USE (Cable 6: ttyUSB5)
  • NOT IN USE (Cable 7: ttyUSB6)
  • NOT IN USE (Cable 8: ttyUSB7)

The serial consoles of the attached machines are all remotely accessible (to properly-authenticated people), and they are also logged and timestamped. We are using cereal to do this cleanly and easily.

How to connect

In order to connect via serial console to one of the servers named above, ssh into as servername-console

For example:

ssh -t cereal attach melanie 

Would give you full read/write access to the console on melanie.

The SSH RSA host key for should have a fingerprint of:


We can also setup additional users that have read-only access to the sessions created by each of these usernames, should that be desirable. You can request such access by creating a ticket.

Setting up a new console user

To setup a new console user (this is something only admins can do), do the following as root@ida:

adduser --disabled-password --gecos='fred console user,,,' fred-console
cereal-admin create fred /dev/ttyUSB2 115200 fred-console fred-console
cereal-admin start fred