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     5= Wiki Hierarchy =
     6In order to organize the Support wiki, the following structure has been suggested:
     27== Determine Language ==
     28With this structure, when creating a new page the following is important to consider:
     29* Determine language of new page
     32* English it will be noted by default page-name
     33* Spanish will be noted by added .Es after page-name, i.e. page-name.Es
     35Read more about [wiki:/faq/user/translate/pages translating pages here].
     37== Creating a New Page ==
     39* Determine where the page should be created based on above hierarchy and create the new page by:
     42* Creating the link you want for the new page:
     47* Creating a page within another wiki page by:
     51== Pages Content Includes ==
     53While adding or editing a page, include the following:
     55* Translation Macro, by adding the following to all pages, if there is a translation for the page, it will automatically a link between language pages:
     61* Tags for dynamic contact organization. Tags allows the dynamic generation of pages across the wiki. By using tags that link to the wiki structure hierarchy, we will be able to display/share pages across different sections of the wiki. The following is suggested for tag usage:
     64* Language: i.e. lang-es, lang-en
     65* Hierarchy main page: i.e. support, membership, faq
     66* Specific page content: i.e. agenda, minutes, project-name
     67* Year, if applicable: i.e. 2012, 2013