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Can I Secure Shell into my account?


Secure shell means connecting to your primary host server remotely. It provides you the opportunity to run commands on our server.

In order to secure shell, you will need a user account that has been granted "Server Access" via the Members Control Panel. You can see if your username has been granted this privilege by selecting "Server Access" from the Services drop down menu. If your user is not listed, click "Add item" to add your user.

A note on fingerprints

You will be asked with "host" or "server" you would like to connect to. Although you can use your domain name (such as, we recommend that you specify your Primary host instead (such as,, etc.). You can find your primary host by logging into the Members Control Panel and looking in the top right corner.

The first time you connect to one of our servers, your Secure shell program should warn you that you are connecting to a server that you have never connected to before. This warning is important! You do not want to risk connecting to the wrong server, because you will essentially be handing this server your username and password.

Please review our fingerprints page to ensure that the fingerprint that is being reported matches the fingerprint of the server you are connecting to.