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     1''''"smorphan"'''' is neologistic tag that refers to a project that was started by the support team, or other helpful member, with the hope of greater use by the larger MFPL membership, but has since been orphaned by the support team or other helpful member.
     3The tag was created on Nov. 10, 2012 pursuant to an IRC conversation. Previously nat had offered his two cents, that the support team should maintain fewer web apps. Which is referred to in this abridged version of the conversation.
     615:11 < ross> dkg: do you know the status/history of ?
     715:20 <@dkg> ross: i don't think i've ever heard of it
     815:20 < ross> okay.
     1115:24 <@dkg> ross: it looks like another suboptimally-maintained webservice :(
     1515:25 <@dkg> nat's push for reducing/consolidating/improving the services we actually maintain seems relevant
     1615:25 <@dkg> nat: do you have a keyword you're using to tag that push?
     2015:27 < ross> such a tag would be good to have.
     2115:28 < nat> smorphan
     2215:29 < nat> :)
     2615:35 < ross> I like it nat!
     30The ticket tracker commonly referred to as "smo," for ``. Hence "smorphan" for abandoned projects. There, now the joke is over explained, and thus dead.
     32'''Associated tickets:'''