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Session Initiation Protocol (aka SIP)

SIP is a service that provides Voice Over Internet Protocol connection for calling single or multiple party calls through the use of our own MF/PL servers. This service is very similar to Skype as it provides the ability to have both voice and video communication. With the use of cross platform software like Linphone (suppports Android, Blackberry and IPhone) you can begin using our Freeswitch server for making your own calls and conferences.

In order to utilize these services please login in and open a ticket to request a SIP account.

After your account has been created please take following steps to configure Linphone (for other software use the provided server information)

When you open Linphone it will launch the Account Wizard (if this does not happen please click Preferences--> Manage SIP Accounts --> + Wizard)

No image "Linphone%20Wizard.png" attached to sip

Click Forward

No image "linphone%20have%20an%20account.png" attached to sip

Click Forward

No image "linphone%20server%20configuration.png" attached to sip

Enter your username and password For the Domain and Proxy server please enter Click Apply

No image "linphone%20final.png" attached to sip on the final page Click Close

Now test your connection by calling

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