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How do i set up awstats for a member?

These instructions are for MF/PL system administrators to setup awstats for members. You can't run them as a regular user (though there is discussion about changing that).

awstats is a real-time logfile analyzer to get advanced statistics about the traffic visiting a web site. MF/PL has some scripts for setting up awstats.


sudo mf-awstats-create

After confirming that you want to run the script, you will get a session like the following:

Please enter the user that you want the cron job to run as. This should be
the primary user for the hosting order. [] btp
You entered: btp

Thanks. Press enter to continue [y] 
Adding password for user btp
Please add the following lines to this users web config (via Red):
Alias /stats /home/members/jfrej/sites/
<Directory /home/members/jfrej/sites/ >
  AllowOverride AuthConfig

And tell them that they can log in to:
user: btp
Generating initial stats. Please wait. This may take a few minutes.
Running: su -c '/usr/local/sbin/mf-awstats-build-staticpages '' '/home/members/jfrej/sites/'' btp
0 jm@mandela:~$