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How do I configure my domain name to use May First/People Link

If you are setting up a new domain name, you can safely configure it to use May First/People link as the authority. However, if you are switching from another provider, be sure you have all your accounts properly configured on May First/People Link's server first. If you are in doubt, please open a ticket to ask us to check to make sure you have all your ducks in a row. You may also be interested in reading our DNS primer to get a sense of what is happening when you make this change.

In general, you should be able to login to the company's web site used to register your domain name, select the domain you wan to configure to use May First/People link, and then indicate that you would like to set the "name servers" to be:

We have detailed directions for the following registrars:

To have May First/People Link handle this domain, be sure to set up NS records for it in your account's DNS tab on your control panel. If adding a domain name in addition to the one used when setting up your account (say it was and you want to add you'll need to add two new DNS items under the hosting order, with type "ns" and domain name "" for both. For the "server name" field, you should put "" for one, and " for the other.

For every domain name you want the DNS records should include values something like these:

DNS Type        Domain name        Time to live         Server Name
ns            259200     
ns            259200     

And then you can set up a records for sites and mx records for e-mail as you wish.