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    3 == Services ==
    5 This space outlines the services MF/PL members can access. One of the main things members use on the MF/PL server infratstructure is:
     4== Common Services ==
    7 * [wiki:services/websites Websites]
     6This space outlines the services MF/PL members can access. The most common services members use on the MF/PL server infratstructure include:
    9 However, there are many other tools available to members.
     8* Websites. May First/People Link members can create any kind of web site they want, using [wiki:sftp SecureFTP] to copy files over, or using our [ members control panel] to instal a [wiki:faq/drupal/install drupal] or [wiki:faq/get-dedicated-wiki Mediawiki]. You can also install by hand most other major web applications, like [wiki:faq/wordpress/WordPressInstall WordPress].
     9* Email. Despite claims that email is dead, our members use it and use it massively. You can [wiki:faq/email/add-email-address add as many email accounts], and then check your email [wiki:faq/email/configure-email using your own email client] on your phone or desktop computer, or you can use our [ webmail system].
     10* Email lists. Email lists are one of the most frequently requested services. You can [wiki:mailman_create create as many email lists] as you want and make them [wiki:mailman_private_public public or private].
     12In addition to these common tools, we have many other services available to the public and to our members.
    12 ==== Shared Tools ====
     14==== Special Services ====
    1316Share resources and knowledge about software that can be installed on MFPL servers for your website, organization communication, archiving and sharing documents and more.
     17* Instant Messaging (xmpp). We run our own Instant Messaging and voice service. Any member with a valid May First/People Link user account can [wiki:how-to/jabber start using it immediately]. By using an open protocol, May First/People Link users can communicate with other services that also use the XMPP protocol.
    15 * [wiki:services/webmail Webmail]
    16 * [wiki:services/lists Lists]
    17 * [wiki:services/voip Voice Over IP]
    18 * [wiki:services/filesharing Files Sharing]
     19* Share documents. May First/People Link members can [wiki:owncloud share and synchronize documents] with other users through our owncloud service. In addition to sharing with your friends, you can synchronize the documents to your own computer or your phone.
     21* Share spreadsheets. We also have a combination wiki + spreadsheet accessible via Anyone can use it to collaboratively and simultaneously work on spreadsheet documents.
     23* Social Networking. You won't find us on Facebook, but you will find us on, May First/People Link's social networking site. Unlike similar corporate services, is federated - meaning you can be friends with people who are on other servers. There are hundreds of other sites running the same [ Friendica] software.
     25* Mexcla. May First/People Link believes in language justice - the ability for everyone to speak in their chosen langugae. Toward this goal, we have developed a conferencing system that allows for simultaneous interpretation. The software, known as mexcla, [wiki:freeswitch-mexcla can be accessed via the phone, voice over IP or via a web site].