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What activists should know about digital communications security

Everyone's situation is different! But there are common threads and we can learn from each other.

Basic Themes

Security isn't just one thing. You can think about your risks more clearly if you understand what kinds of concerns you have. Four major security themes that are worth thinking over are:

Who can see my communications? Is it only the people i expect? What does privacy mean when sending the same message to many people? Who can breach the privacy?
When i receive messages, how do i know who they're from? Are they really from that person? When i communicate messages where my identity is important and relevant, how can the people i'm communicating with know that my messages are really from me?
When i want to communicate without divulging my identity (whistleblowing, etc), how can i be sure that my identity is protected?
Is the communications medium i'm using something i can rely on? Who controls the medium? Can it be shut down or interrupted? Will it be there when i need it urgently?

Jumping off points

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