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    2222You may also be interested in [ Riseup's security tutorial].
    24 == Resources ==
    26 === Sending messages ===
     24== Sending messages ==
    2826One activity we engage in every single day is sending each other messages. Sending messages crosses all four themes, so picking the right method will depend on, for example, how you compare your need for privacy with your need for reliability.
    30 ==== Email ====
     28=== Email ===
    3230Email is the oldest and most universal form of exchanging messages.
    4038 * How do you get your email? Webmail means going to a web site and entering your username and password to access your email. It is very convenient, you can access your email anywhere even if you don't have your phone or computer. However, it also means that all of your email is saved on the server, which could be subpoenaed. Alternatively, you can use a desktop or mobile client that downloads your email, removing it from the server. However, your phone or computer can be lost or subpoenaed. There is no right answer! But at MF/PL you can [wiki:/faq/email/configure-email choose between webmail or a client] based on your needs.
    42 ==== Other forms of instant messaging ====
     40=== Other forms of instant messaging ===
    4442 * All May First/People Link members can use [wiki:/how-to/jabber jabber] - which works on your computer and on your phone and supports end-to-end encryption.
    5048 * Another popular, free and secure messaging applications is called [ Signal by Whisper Systems].
    52 === Web sites ===
     50== Web sites ==
    5452Web sites also cross many different security themes. Your web site may contain sensitive data that should only be scene by people with the right access. Also, your web site may track visitors, which could be  used in a lawsuit to against your allies. And lastly, web sites are the most popular target of denial of service campaigns - when your political opponents try to shutdown your web site using legal or technical measures.
    6058 * Other campaigns are shutdown due to a technical denial of service attack - when anonymous attackers flood your web site with so much data that it stops working properly. We work closely with [ Deflect] - a DDOS protection service and have [ extensive experience] fending off these attacks.
    62 === Databases ===
     60== Databases ==
    6462The movement is increasingly depending on databases specicially designed to help us organize. A database can help us track donors, send email communications, register people for events, generate phone lists and walk lists and more.
    7472When hosting your database with a corporate provider, like Nation Builder or Saleforce, you run the risk of having your data subpoenaed without your knowledge.
    76 === Sharing Files ===
     74== Sharing Files ==
    7876Sharing files is critical to movement building - whether it is allowing others to download statements or images, to providing a space for collaborative editing.