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    3232Email is the oldest and most universal form of exchanging messages.
    3334[[Image(encrypted-email.png, 600px)]]
     35***Example of writing an encrypted email in the Thunderbird email program using engimal.***
    3437 * [wiki:faq/email/openpgp OpenPGP] is a method that allows you to encrypt your messages in a way that not even your Internet provider can decipher them. However, it is hard to setup and requires both you and the recipient are using it
    3538 * How do you get your email? Webmail means going to a web site and entering your username and password to access your email. It is very convenient, you can access your email anywhere even if you don't have your phone or computer. However, it also means that all of your email is saved on the server, which could be subpoenaed. Alternatively, you can use a desktop or mobile client that downloads your email, removing it from the server. However, your phone or computer can be lost or subpoenaed. There is no right answer! But at MF/PL you can [wiki:/faq/email/configure-email choose between webmail or a client] based on your needs.