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    3232Email is the oldest and most universal form of exchanging messages.
     33[[Image(encrypted-email.png, 600px]]
    3334 * [wiki:faq/email/openpgp OpenPGP] is a method that allows you to encrypt your messages in a way that not even your Internet provider can decipher them. However, it is hard to setup and requires both you and the recipient are using it
    3435 * How do you get your email? Webmail means going to a web site and entering your username and password to access your email. It is very convenient, you can access your email anywhere even if you don't have your phone or computer. However, it also means that all of your email is saved on the server, which could be subpoenaed. Alternatively, you can use a desktop or mobile client that downloads your email, removing it from the server. However, your phone or computer can be lost or subpoenaed. There is no right answer! But at MF/PL you can [wiki:/faq/email/configure-email choose between webmail or a client] based on your needs.
    3637==== Other forms of instant messaging ====
     39[[Image(gajim.png), 600px]]
    3840 * All May First/People Link members can use [wiki:/how-to/jabber jabber] - which works on your computer and on your phone and supports end-to-end encryption.
    3941 * Another popular, free and secure messaging applications is called [ Signal by Whisper Systems].
    5557One database used throughout the movement is [ CiviCRM] - a free and open software project that you can host within your May First/People Link account.
     59[[Image(powerbase.png), 600px]]
    5761Due to it's complexity, many organization choose to work with a partner to set it up. For example, the [ Progressive Technology Project] launched the [ PowerBase project] to facilitate setting this up.
    6569 * Real-time editing or notetaking. Riseup's [ Etherpad] instance is an excellent place for join note taking or collaborative editing. Several peole can edit the same document and see each other's edits as you type. Riseup deletes all pads that have not been edited in over a month - so be sure to copy down any completed documents.
    6670 * Similarly - May First/People Link provides a similar site for spread sheets called [ Ethercalc].
     71[[Image(nextcloud.png), 600px]]
    6772 * For more long term document sharing, May First/People Link offers [ Nextcloud] - a full featured site that allows you to:
    6873  * Synchronizes and share documents via the web, on your computer and on your phone