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    5151=== Databases ===
     53The movement is increasingly depending on databases specicially designed to help us organize. A database can help us track donors, send email communications, register people for events, generate phone lists and walk lists and more.
     55One database used throughout the movement is [ CiviCRM] - a free and open software project that you can host within your May First/People Link account.
     57Due to it's complexity, many organization choose to work with a partner to set it up. For example, the [ Progressive Technology Project] launched the [ PowerBase project] to facilitate setting this up.
     59When hosting your database with a corporate provider, like Nation Builder or Saleforce, you run the risk of having your data subpoenaed without your knowledge.
    5361=== Sharing Files ===
    55 === Sharing Passwords ===
     63Sharing files is critical to movement building - whether it is allowing others to download statements or images, to providing a space for collaborative editing.
     65 * Real-time editing or notetaking. Riseup's [ Etherpad] instance is an excellent place for join note taking or collaborative editing. Several peole can edit the same document and see each other's edits as you type. Riseup deletes all pads that have not been edited in over a month - so be sure to copy down any completed documents.
     66 * Similarly - May First/People Link provides a similar site for spread sheets called [ Ethercalc].
     67 * For more long term document sharing, May First/People Link offers [ Nextcloud] - a full featured site that allows you to:
     68  * Synchronizes and share documents via the web, on your computer and on your phone
     69  * Synchronize and share calendars between team members and your phones and computer calendars