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I'd like to distinguish roles from titles somehow.

Members: Amanda, Alfredo, Nat, Ana, dkg, Josue, Jamie, Mark, Jon

Titles Brainstorm

  • member
  • co-director
  • member of leadership council
  • help with support queue

Roles Brainstorm

What do we want people to do?

  • pay money
  • use web and email hosting services
  • use backup services
  • promote and participate in political conversations about the organic internet;
  • participate in community of users of technology
  • participate in community/ provide mutual aid to other technology assistance providers
  • respond to support questions
  • document MFPL setup for users (eg. write "how to" documents)
  • be responsible for server maintenance (monitor security lists; implement kernel upgrades)
  • help maintain servers (pitch in when asked, rather than be accountable over time)
  • provide feedback on political direction of organization (eg. leadership council)
  • provide feedback on technical direction of organization

Leadership Council Brainstorm

  • 10 - 15 members drawn from May First/People Link membership
  • Meets in person 2 - 3 times per year
  • How is consensus reached?
  • What power does this group have
  • How is this group selected