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Members: Amanda, Alfredo, Nat, Ana, dkg, Josue, Jamie, Mark, Jon

Titles Brainstorm

  • member
  • co-director
  • member of leadership council
  • help with support queue

Roles Brainstorm

What do we want people to do? What do you want to do?

  • pay money
  • use web and email hosting services
  • use backup services
  • promote and participate in political conversations about the organic internet;
  • participate in community of users of technology
  • participate in community/ provide mutual aid to other technology assistance providers
  • respond to support questions
  • document MFPL setup for users (eg. write "how to" documents)
  • write newsletter or web blog posts profiling members
  • participate in political campaigns around Internet/political issues
  • help organizing political campaigns around Internet/political issues
  • be responsible for server maintenance (monitor security lists; implement kernel upgrades)
  • help maintain servers (pitch in when asked, rather than be accountable over time)
  • provide feedback on political direction of organization (eg. leadership council)
  • provide feedback on technical direction of organization
  • lead trainings
  • build social and economic justice movements
  • be available as a consultant to members who need tech assistance

How to support brainstorm

We won't be able to provide the infrastructure (technical or social) to support all the roles people can and want to play. What structures (loosely defined) can we set up that will support the ones we think are the most important for May First/People link? List below a description and pitch for structures to facilitate people playing the roles above.

  • Tech team - whether you're a tech genius or someone who knows how to explain things in plain English, we could use your help on everything from helping out on the support system to building new servers. All communication for the tech teams happens at To get notified of new tickets and events, configured your RSS reader to pick up new tickets or subscribe to the support-team email list here...
  • Member team - interested in learning about our other members? Want to meet more people doing similar work? The member team coordinates member office visits, member events and trainings.
  • Consortium - are you interested in picking up new tech projects? Join the consortium to help build a solid network of individuals and groups doing tech work for the movement.

  • Leadership team - if you have been working as a member for a while and you are interested in stepping up your commitment, we need your help developing the direction and leadership of the organization.

Leadership Council Brainstorm

  • 10 - 15 members drawn from May First/People Link membership
  • Meets in person 2 - 3 times per year
  • Participate in email list
  • Members are periodically consulted by phone
  • What are the expectations of the members?
  • How is consensus reached?
  • What power does this group have
  • How is this group selected