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How do I reset my subscriber password for my subscription to a Mailman mailing list?

  • Go to the list information page for the list (you should see a "List Info:" link in the bottom of every e-mail you receive from the list)
  • At the bottom of the page, you should see a field to "get a password reminder", among other things. Put your e-mail address into that field, and click the button labeled "unsubscribe or edit options" -- this step alone will not unsubscribe you, don't worry!
  • click the "Remind" button on the resulting page. Your subscriber password for that mailing list will be sent to your e-mail account.

How do I reset the Administrative Password to my Mailman mailing list?

  • Login to the Members control panel.
  • Select "Email List" or "High Volume Announcement Only List" (depending on how you originally setup your email list)
  • Click the edit link next to your list
  • You will not be given the option to change any values. Simply click submit and an email will be sent to the list owner with a new password.