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     1= How to remove/edit message from a mailman archive =
     3Removing or editing messages in mailman archives is not for the faint-of-heart.
     5If you think you need a message removed or edited, consider:
     7 * the message was sent out to a mailing list; there are likely many other copies, not just in the canonical archive
     8 * if the list was a public list, the archive itself might already be mirrored elsewhere (including on search engines).
     9 * Removing or editing a message from the "official" list archive can create an impression that the archive is not reliable.
     11If, after review of the above points, you still think you really need a message removed or edited from a mailing list archive hosted by May First/People Link, you should [/newticket open a ticket with the request].  Remember that the ticket will be a public ticket; posting full details about what needs to be removed will likely compound whatever problem you're trying to resolve.  Post the ticket generically, and send details off-site to the person assigned to the ticket.
     15If you're an MF/PL administrator, and you are working on this, [ catalyst has instructions for tweaking message archives with mailman].