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How do I remotely turn on or off a physical server?

This page is intended for MFPL admins only. Instructions for rebooting a virtual server.

All power units are configured to list the name of the server connected to each port (we don't maintain a list on this page).

To power down a server, first determine if the server is in Telehouse or Bandcon. Then, login to each power unit in the location and get a status listing to see if the server you want to power down is controlled by the power unit you are connected to.

Note - if a server has two power supplies, it might be plugged into both remote power units in their cabinet. If that is the case, you will need to first power off one of the power units, then reboot the other (and then power on the power unit you powered off).


In Telehouse, we have one PDU for all machines.


ssh -t cereal attach pdu 


List available power outlets:


Get help:



In our XO/Bandcon space we have two Baytech RPC-27 zero U devices named odetta and ochs.



Followed by either:

connect direct deviceport odetta
connect direct deviceport ochs

Wiring details

Thanks to Riseup for setting up our cables. Here are the details for creating an RJ45 to RJ45 cable that properly connects a Lantronix Serial Console server to the Baytech RPC-27 device.

| this end plugs into the lantronix (where x is no wire):
| x/WBr/WBl/O/x/Bl/WO/x   = 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

| and the other end (plugs into the baytech) is the standard 568B:
| WO/O/WG/Bl/WBl/G/WBr/Br = 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

| Baytech   ->  SLC
| 1 (DTR)  ->   7 (DSR)
| 2 (GND)  ->   4 (GND)
| 3 (RTS)  ->   x
| 4 (Tx)   ->   6 (Rx)
| 5 (Rx)   ->   3 (Tx)
| 6 (N/C)  ->   x
| 7 (DSR)  ->   2 (DTR)
| 8 (DCD)  ->   x

Creating new users on odetta

Some notes from Riseup on creating new users:

  • The max password length appears to be 8 characters, doing a longer password results in an "Invalid password" error.
  • To set a password what you have to do is to create the user as 'admin', then logout of the 'admin' account and then login to the new user account (with no password), then run the 'password' command as that user.
  • By default all new users have access to no recepticles.