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    55This proposal for re-organization has the following goals:
     7 * Take immediate steps to relieve disk i/o contention
    78 * Prepare MOSH'es to handle a network file system as an intermediate step in [wiki:container-infrastructure our container infrastructure project]
    89 * Make it easier to move user accounts and web sites from one membership to another
    910 * Eliminate the confusing "hosting order" - so user accounts, DNS records, email lists, etc are linked directly to a membership, rather than being part of a hosting order collection
     12== Phase zero: all databases, all solid state drives ==
     14The fastest way to alleviate both the greatest cause and symptom of disk I/O is to place all databases on solid state drives.
     16Currently, only three of our 10 physical servers have solid state drives. On those three servers, we have been allocating SSD space for MySQL partitions. However, on the remaining seven, MySQL databases have been stored on regular spinning disks.
     18To get all databases on SSD, we should allocate two virtual machines on each of our three physical hosts with SSD and allocate all remaining SSD space to these machines. These will become our MySQL servers for all members.
     20We will setup an internal network (e.g. so all database ports are shielded from direct access over the Internet.
     22We will also setup several MySQL proxies (that will respond via round robin DNS to Each proxy will properly route the database request to the proper back end host, so members will all simply configure their web apps to use the host
    1124== Phase one: File system re-organization ==