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How do I do a network based installation from leslie?

leslie is configured to offer a Debian Etch installer via the network.

If you would like to use it, follow these steps:

  • Login to leslie as root.
  • Run /root/bin/enable-pxe-netboot
  • Find the network cable plugged into the bottom network card on leslie (leslie is the bottom-most server in the cabinet). It should not be plugged into anything.
  • Plug this cable into the nic of the server you want to install debian on.
  • Configure the target server to boot from the network device
  • You should be all set. Note: when the debian installer begins, you can unplug the network cable, and plug in a cable connecting the server to the real network for the completion of the installation.
  • Lastly, run /root/bin/disable-pxe-netboot on leslie.