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The Red Repository

The svn repository for red is at

Using git-svn

  • Clone the repository with the following command.
git svn clone svn+ssh://
  • Update the repository with.
git svn fetch
  • Merge changes with
git rebase
  • Committing Changes
    • In order to commit changes using git-svn first do a standard git commit method.
    • Next commit changes to the svn repository by using:
git svn dcommit

Making Changes Live

There are two steps to take for making changes live.

Tag the committed changes

In order to tag changes to red, you must be in the top level red directory and issue the following command:


Updating Red

After tagging the committed changes cd into the mfpl-servers repository to mfpl-servers/admin/scripts and issue the following command:

./execute-directive harry ../directives/red-update/

Assuming no error messages, your changes should be live.