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New Data Protection Procedures Proposal

These proposals are being made in response to the data loss experienced on julia, based on the suggestions and proposals made a the April 13, 2011 members meeting on the topic.

Discussion of these proposals is happening on ticket #4119.

Please feel free to make edits to the proposals and/or post a comment to ticket #4119.

  • Regular human-run passphrase audits to ensure we always have all passphrases for all servers.
  • Regular automated backup audits. We currently receive an email alert when a backup returns an error. We need a second automatic audit, independent of the backup process that confirms they have run. See #4138
  • Regular human-run backup audits. In addition to automatic audits, we need periodic human review of backups to ensure that what needs to be backed up is in fact being backed up.
  • Better tools and instructions for non-technical members empowering them to ensure they have a backup of their own data. These should include video tutorials and training meetings. See #4137 (and #4136)
  • Discussion and recommendations on best practices for developers on how to incorporate full backups into the site development cycle. See #4139.
  • New member monthly phone orientations to build member community
  • Recruit member ambassadors in multiple cities so more members can have face-to-face time with other MFPL members.
  • Audit all members to ensure everyone has paid and, for people who don't respond for a given period, disable their accounts.

  • Start ad-hoc group to review, finalize, seek approval from Leadership Committee and carry out proposals. Thanks Ana, Amy and Daniel S. for offering to join!