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    99Your agreement to help organize a convergence of this type is so appreciated and, we are convinced, will really help move us all forward. We have prepared this short "guide" to help you organize your session.
    11 ===Goal and description===
     11== Goal and description ==
    1313You're talking about how technology and fundamental social change relate to each other and what we have to do with technology to bolster the movement for fundamental social change.
    2323You can organize these things any way you see fit but here are a few ideas to help you.
    25 1 -- Do an introduction
     25'''1 -- Do an introduction'''
    2727This would probably be a quick explanation of what we're doing and a run-down of the day. Take questions but make sure they are about the purpose and day...not the politics or analysis. You can be sure that people are going to want to discuss the politics before you even get started. Men, in particular, have a tendency to do this.
    3131With larger groups, you should have some kind of badge so people can write a name and place it on them.
    33 2 -- Review your questions
     33'''2 -- Review your questions'''
    3535As part of your intro, you may want to review some of the questions you'd like discussed. These are very general guideline type questions. For instance, here are four:
    4747But you can just have one question or several and they don't have to be these. Make up your own based on what you know about your participants.
    49 3 -- Form your groups:
     49'''3 -- Form your groups'''
    5151Each group should have a leader and a scribe who should be working on a computer to take notes on any consensus or major discussion going on.
    5757You should probably make all this clear before sending people into their groups.
    59 4 -- Report backs:
     59'''4 -- Report backs'''
    6161There should be some way of integrating what people have talked about and gotten to consensus on. You can do this through reports back or emailing of outcome notes or even a short meeting of scribes. In any case, we'd like you to prepare a report on these discussions so group reports are going to be important and you're going to need to include them in some larger report.
    6363It might be a good idea to have discussion of each report by the entire group. In some groups, depending on size, that might not be possible.
    65 5 -- Report upload
     65'''5 -- Report upload'''
    6767Someone specifically selected should upload your report to the website report page. Please let people know where it is, by the way, so they can view all the reports.
    69 6 -- Snacks and food
     69'''6 -- Snacks and food'''
    7171We mention this here because it's so important but people frequently forget about it. If people aren't comfortable (and hunger is uncomfortable), they don't concentrate as well. There is nothing trivial about this. Experience tells us that having refreshment for people greatly improves meetings of this type and also shows that you, as organizers, are thinking about their well-being.
    73 7 -- The future?
     73'''7 -- The future?'''
    7575Feel free to move on any way you'd like -- make that part of our report if you want. Some may opt for future convergences or smaller types of meetings or an email list (which we can set up for you). People can also opt to just go and let the experience sink in, reporting to their organizations and networks and letting the conversation affect those conversations.
    78 In the groups:
     78'''In the groups:'''
    80801 -- Make sure you have a chairperson and scribe -- these may have been pre-selected.