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NOTE: This is a work in progress

The interactions between the mentors and the mentees forms the core of the project.

The mentors and mentees will have four quarterly face-to-face sessions lasting 1 and a half days each. In addition, mentees are expected to spend 20 - 30 hours per month on projects developed during the course of the project. And mentors are expected to devote 15 - 20 hours per month providing supporting and feedback to both assigned mentees via email, online chat, and telephone.

For the pilot project, we will recruit six mentees who will be mentored by two established techies. In addition, we will recruit additional trainers for the four face-to-face sessions.

The face-to-face meetings will last one and half days, with the exception of the first meeting (in Detroit in conjunction with the Allied Media Conference) will be held in New York City and will be scheduled during the work-week. We will house travellers via solidarity housing. All meals will be provided as will the cost of transportation.

Reference Material

  • Chuck Easttom, Essential Linux Administration: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners 2011.
  • Paul Cobbaut, Linux Fun 2011.