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Fourth Quarter

Face to Face:

March 18 & 19, 2013

  • Participants' Reactions: What More Do I need? -- Go Round
  • Presentation: Where are we going as an Internet community? FOSS, social networking software, use of web, commercial providers...and our communities' struggles.
  • Individual meeting sessions with Mentor and Trainer on Course issues
  • Full group summary and discussion of Course issues
  • Explanation and Discussion of Next Stage

Fourth Quarter Work:

Final "touches" - may change depending on progress, but could include:

  1. Virtual private networking
  2. Internet-based file sharing
  3. Git, Puppet and other Server Admin tools
  4. Installation and Configuration of Supporting Programs (Drupal, Word Press, Mailman, etc.)
  5. Activation of full public server incorporating the needs (or some of the needs) of your organization.