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This page intends to provide us with enough elements to evaluate whether is convenient to install a server (or several servers) in a co-location in Mexico City.

The initial general goals are:
1) to address the need to increase MFPL backup capabilities,
2) to have part of our infrastructure located in a different set of legal conditions, those ruling telecommunications in México, which will eventually bring progressive mexican lawyer(s) close to our work to back us up,
3) to give a concrete initiative for the local support team to engage in MFPL development and to start collaborate locally,
4) to create conditions to share sysadmin skills in a process what will benefit mexican counterparts by providing us guidance and the experience and background from the US tech-team,
5) to share responsibilities with local techies in the maintenance and development of MFPL infrastructure.

Three aspects of this proposal are:

  • Local organizing of the mexican support team. People interested in joining: Jesús Franco (individual MFPL member), Iván Carrasco (member through Comité Cerezo), Enrique Rosas (MFPL co-director)

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