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This page intends to provide us with enough elements to evaluate whether is convenient to install a server (or several servers) in a co-location in Mexico City.

The initial general goals are:

  1. to address the need to increase MFPL backup capabilities,
  2. to have part of our infrastructure located in a different set of legal conditions, those ruling telecommunications in México, which will eventually bring progressive mexican lawyer(s) close to our work to back us up,
  3. to give a concrete initiative for the local support team to engage in MFPL development and to start collaborate locally,
  4. to create conditions to share sysadmin skills in a process what will benefit mexican counterparts by providing us guidance and the experience and background from the US tech-team,
  5. to share responsibilities with local techies in the maintenance and development of MFPL infrastructure.

Three aspects of this proposal are:

  • Co-location costs (budget).
    • Criteria:
      • Pricing in Mbits/second, not in GB/TB total transfer per month. We should aim for about 5 Mbit/second.
      • Start with 2U (we will need at least two machines connected via serial cables to allow remote restart with passphrase).
      • 24/7 access to the facility without needing advance notice
      • Option to expand
    • Providers:
      • Metro Red
      • Adolfo will call political allied Gerardo J. who owns a cabinet somewhere in México City, to explore ways to collaborate and perhaps share his collocation.
  • Server (and rack) prices (budget)
    • Criteria:
      • Hot-swap disk drives: disk drives are the most common hardware replacement item
      • Purchase Hard disks separately. Dell hard disks are significantly more expensive then comparable disks bought elsewhere.
    • Options
  • Local organizing of the mexican support team. People interested in joining: Jesús Franco (individual MFPL member), Iván Carrasco (member through Comité Cerezo), Enrique Rosas (MFPL co-director), Marxistvegan (, Adolfo Dunayevich (, Kosa (member thought

Exporing alternatives for collocating in our office or in Grupo de Estudios Ambientales offices, an organization close to MFPL member Sin Maíz No Hay País

Axtel (Internet Provider)
Centro Comercial Pabellón Cuauhtémoc
Antonio M. Anza #20  Local 18E, Roma Sur,Cuauhtémoc México D.F. CP.06700  
Lunes a Viernes de 10:00 a 19:00 hrs
Sábado de 9:00 a 14:00 hrs   
Frente al centro medico Siglo 21, el local esta junto a Sanborns 

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