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     1= Membership Meeting Mesas =
     5The Members Meeting begins in August and ends at the end of October. It is comprised of three lead-up meetings to which all members are invited to be conducted both in person and on-line. Each meeting will discuss a specific topic and these will take place in both Mexico and United States.
     7All members of MF/PL may participate in these on-line/in person "mesas". Organization members may send two representatives to each mesa.
     9Members may also make appropriate proposals to these mesas as they see fit. Proposals should be forwarded to the LC Co-Presidents (Alfredo and Juan Gerardo) who will suggest assignment to a mesa. The proposal will, however, be immediately publised on the Membership Meeting page.
     11Decisions will not be made during the lead-up meetings. These meetings are intended to generate discussion and identify areas of agreement and disagreement so that we may more effectively debate and make decisions at the membership meeting. All mesas are expected to address the larger issues of the organization in order to provide direction for the rest of the year.
     13''Infrastructure, Resources and Security in Communications'' this mesa will address the stability and resiliance of our infrastructure and systems. In addition to our technology infrastructure, this mesa also must address paid vs volunteer staffing, office and other recurring expenses, as well as securing our internal and external communications.
     15''Membership Building, Movement Work and Political Vision'' this mesa will address both outreach and inreach strategies, campaigns, conferences and how and what messages we are communicating.
     17''Structure, Democracy, Membership Involvement, Administration and "The Cooperative"'' this mesa will tackle our democratic processes and structure - both the US and Mexico organizations - with the goal of increasing participation and involvement of our members.