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Foundation of Technological Cooperative Primero de Mayo/Enlace Popular in Mexico

Introduction and justification

On October 2011, after LaNeta's decision to close services, a hundred progressive organizations and individuals decided to become MF/PL members. After more than a year of being part of it we have concluded an annual cycle, our members are renewing memberships and there are twenty additional members who were not part of LaNeta and have joined in this period.

We have a collective identity trough the Declaration of Unity and most of us collaborate with others at different levels seeking to achieve our goals and share cooperative principles. In the other hand, while we been proactive to deal with support requests, we have develop a deficient administrative workflow and technical integration of our member's resources to our regular shared infrastructure has not arrived to an end. Both aspects could produce legitimate concerns/complains from our members.

We are now at a point where is needed to find solutions through building a team of volunteers to strengthen the local development, by having a representative office in Mexico. From our experience among different legal association types, consumer cooperative is the best alternative for our needs, in terms of taxes and flexible ways to build democratic relations between members who will take positions inside the coop.


  1. Incorporate the mexican members -as associates or beneficiaries into a legal organization with the corresponding obligations and rights.
  2. Promote new membership with the backing of a social organization avoiding thereby any doubt on the formality of the operation.
  3. Obtain the benefits of coop identity and encourage unity, it will bring us closer to the coop movement.


1. Request for Coop Name Approval Voluntary work Juan Gerardo Dominguez
2. Name Approval $250 MXP Juan Gerardo Dominguez
3. Formulation of legal documents Voluntary work Juan Gerardo + Enrique Rosas + Aaron Moysen + Lourdes Godínez
4. Legal documents certified $100 MXP + voluntary work Enrique Rosas
5. Registration of legal documents $1400 MXP Juan Gerardo
6. Expedition of Tax Registration Voluntary time Enrique Rosas + Lourdes Godínez
7. Opening of Bank Account Voluntary time Aaron Moysen + Lourdes Godínez