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    55Our priorities for the year are broken into four major areas:
    7 1. Education
     7== Educate ==
    99Our most prominent technology education initiative was the [ Defend our Movements] web site, which provides detailed information on digital security practices uniquely framed for movement organizations. Launched in collaboration with the Center for Media Justice, Defend Our Movements gained a lot of media attention and we received a lot of positive feedback (as well as critical feedback which helped further improve the site).
    1717Ultimately, our staff and Leadership Committee were not able to put together the resources to make all of these aspects of this priority happen.
    19 2. Increase members involvement
     19== Increase members involvement ==
    2121Until this year, the only opportunities for member involvement in the organization have been the membership meeting, the leadership committee, occassional workshops and interaction via conferences and movement meetings.
    2525In addition, in keeping with the priority of using alternative media to reach a bigger audience, we made the Need to Know available as a podcast, along with another podcast-only series called Points Taken. Points Taken is a series of interviews with movement organizers about their work and use of technology.
    27 3. Strengthen Technology capacity of the organization
     27== Strengthen Technology capacity of the organization ==
    2929We made signficant progress on this priority, but not exactly in the way defined in our membership meeting. In the membership meeting, we identified decentralization as an important theme. However, over the course of the year - and as we collaborated through a coalition with other alternative providers - we shifted our focus to shoring up our general infrastructure. As part of this program we developed an [ ambitious plan] for re-building our infrastructure in a way that is faster, more flexible and more efficient. We organized a member webinar on the topic and we've already made significant progress and expect to complete the project by mid 2019.
    3333In addition, the Brooklyn office has joined the NY Mesh network, although we are still waiting to be properly connected. This innitiatve is building a network for connecting to the Internet that is independent of the major phone and cable companies that have a near monopoly. We are actively studying ways to support this innitiatve and others like it so we can build an independent net from your computer to our servers.
    35 4. Organize
     35== Organize ==