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    1313[wiki:/projects/membership-meeting/2015/public-agenda Agenda for Two-Day Meeting]
     15The full notes for the meeting have been attached to this page.
     17Here are the priorities that were approved at the meeting:
     19==  Mesa on Human Communication Technology and Art ==
     21 * Given the current urgency for data sovereignty in the light of escalating cyber attacks on our movement, dialogue among activists and technologists is pressing. MFPL will conduct a campaign to promote dialogue btwn activists and technologists to together define technology & communication movement policy.
     22  * survey to identify what tech mfpl members currently use for communication beyond what mfpl offers (specifically use of social media; how concerned are members around data security
     23  * popular education for members and the movement around race and class & cultural  issues which get in the way of the conversation
     24 * Continue & expand the techie of color training program
     25 * develop & launch campaign of educational & informational videos around MFPL issues & services
     27== Mesa on International / Earthcare ==
     29 *  Using jitsi and/or other open source tools, institute sessions where members across borders can share information on how Internet privacy threats are manifesting in their respective communities. Use content from these sessions to create political education resources, including international panels at various meeting such as LeftForum.
     30 * Strengthen relationships with major international movements, including Internet Social Forum, World March of Women, WSF in Montreal, Climate Convergence
     31 * Coordinate learning from each MFPL member to learn what work they are doing, how they use MFPL technology, what gaps and needs they have, with a goal of identifying and building links between members and especially across borders
     33== Mesa organized with various online participants ==
     35 * Link an "Internet privacy campaign" to local, day-to-day sureillence (street/building cameras, criminal records, police surveillence)
     37==  Mesa on Human rights, peoples rights, and democracy ==
     39 * Increase membership fees in a tiered and equitable manner that does not exclude anyone.  This should be done for the purpose of growing Mayfirst's membership, infrastructure, capacity for outreach, and to provide resources for driving priority issues.
     40 * Engage members from marginalized communities for capacity building and education, to increase engagement and nurture leadership within the collective.
     41 * Build a voice to fight against the oppressive use of technology.  This includes developing an analysis of how technology is used oppressively, and using that analysis to educate our membership base.
     43Mexican priorities to be added...