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Sythesized Proposal:

Meeting dates:

The MF/PL membership is in session from Monday, October 19 to Friday, November 13, 2015



Meeting organizers begin mobilization of 50 "key members" from a list we form while scrupulously maintaining the entire membership informed and keying any members we encounter who we think should be on that list. These are the people we know will come to the face to face and participate in the full meeting session for political reasons.

We will divide this group by sector and invite them as a sector, with lagnuage specifically tailored to their sector.

We will use our CiviCRM database to track all recruitment and RSVPs.

Monday, October 19

  • Membership meeting period is now officially opened.
  • Submission of final documents to the membership by the LC (based on changes from the workers assembly)
  • LC nominations now open

Friday, Nov 6, 2015

Pre-meeting Training and workshops day -- NYC and Mexico City, DF.

Members are invited to a series of workshops to orient themselves to May First/People Link, learn how to use the control panel, learn how to be more secure in your everyday Internet use, and find out why they should come to the membership meeting.

Mid-day we will have a sharing period with Mexico - so Mexico and US members can meet each other.

Schedule to be published in advance.

Saturday, Nov 7, 2015

Face to face meeting and membership convergence -- NYC and Mexico City, DF

Key Note and Panel

Welcome and Key Note: One person in Mexico and one in the US will provide a key-note, live, via video conference and simultaneous interpretation. In the US proposed speaker: Malkia Cyril.

Special presentation panel: The panels will be held separately in the US and Mexico. In the US, proposed panelists: Steve Renderos, Joe Torres, Lenina Nadal, Thenjiwe McHarris, Laura Flanders

Presentation and Approval of documents =

Final presentation and approval of the published documents.



Four Mesas -- each on "key areas of struggle" -- to happen separately in the US and Mexico. In the US, these might be: Human and People's Rights and Democracy; Relations with the Earth and Non-Human Life, Alternative Living and Climate Justice; Human Communications, Technology and Art; Relationships with the World.

Human and People's Rights and Democracy -- Catherine Albiza

Relations with the Earth and Non-Human Life, Alternative Living and Climate Justice -- Jacqui Paterson

Human Communications, Technology and Art -- Bryan from MMP

International Relationships -- Jackie Smith, Burke Stansbury, Marcus Gretsch

These mesas must produce three "priorities" of no more than 75 words each.

New York and Mexico jointly, via video presentation: Presentation of the mesa proposals and approval by the Membership.

November 7 - Friday, November 13

Leadership Committee election tally and announcement of new LC.

Jamie's Proposal:

Date for membership meeting: Saturday, October 17

Overview: The meeting will be divided into two parts:

  • a day long face to face session happening on both Mexico City and New York city focused on workshops and discussion
  • a two week online process for decision making

The day long sessions will happen simultaneously in both New York and Mexico City. They will begin with more technically-focused trainings and workshops (e.g. how to use MF/PL email securely, etc) and will end with more movement-focused sessions (e.g. MF/PL's role in the social forum, what kind of technology should the movement focus on?). In addition, we would have a workshop on how to participate in the online process, which could be repeated - both at the beginning and at the end.

We will do only one session at a time. For the movement focused sessions, we will have a brief sharing period at the end for the NYC and Mexico participants to exchange their summaries of the discussions. The day could end with a cultural performance in each location.

The online process would be the official voting mechanism where people both elect leadership committee members and identify the priorities for the organization for the coming year.

Alfredo's Proposal

Date and Concept:

The Membership Meeting should open for elections and proposals on October 12, 2015 and the meeting itself should take place October 31 and November 1, 2015. It should be broadcast from two live locations: NYC and Mexico DF and remote participation should be encouraged by phone during break-out sessions and text write-in during plenaries. The election of LC members should be done on-line and closed midnight October 17.

The face-to-face meeting should be led by the current Leadership Committee and comprised of:

Mesas on Specific Proposals

Discussion and approval of primary documents


Primary documents:

We already know these


1 -- That MF/PL drop recruitment as its over-all strategic priority and replace it with the organization of an alternative technology network

2 -- That May First make a priority the recruitment of members in Northern Mexico

3 -- That May First develop a workplan and strategy for International Work


I don't think I'm saying anything surprising when I say that the upcoming Membership Meeting will be an arena of very sharp political debate. As a result of the debates in our organization and discontent with some of its leaders, I believe the LC we now have will not be the LC that emerges from that meeting.

For this reason, we have to politicize the elections and sweep out the personalization that has characterized past elections. People should be elected for their political thinking and their contributions to our movements' work.

As part of the electoral process for the LC, current LC members should post their self-evaluations. These should answer four questions:

1 -- What work have you done in our movements and inside the organization since your election to the LC?

2 -- What is the contribution of that work to May First and its objectives?

3 -- How have you represented MF/PL in your work?

4 -- How will you move us forward if re-elected?

There should be room for commentary by other LC members which will guarantee that these elections will be affected by the political struggle which will take place within our organization.

Resigned members: There are four members who resigned. They should be forbidden from seeking LC membership and their evaluations should read "This LC member resigned from the Leadership Committee, citing political differences with the organization and refusing to discuss them with the rest of the LC. This behavior is in direct contradiction with and betrayal of a Leader's responsibilities to the membership of this organization."

Published Documents

The meeting should discuss and decide on the political documents agreed upon, the strategic priorities and a statement about the past year including self-criticism from the current leadership committee. That document should be circulated to all allies and movements.

Fecha y concepto:

La reunión de miembros se debe abrir para electiones y propuestas el 12 ce octubre, 2015 y la reunión en si debe realizarse el 31 de octubre y 1 de noviembre. Habrán dos lugares de reunión cada a cada y transmisión de la misma: Nueva York y Mexico. Habrá participación por teléfono durante mesas y por texto durante plenarias. La elección de miembros al CD se hará "on-line" y se termina media noche 17 octubre.

La cada a cada la dirige el CD actual y su agenda será:

Mesas sobre propuestas especificas

Discusión y aprobación de los documentos principales


Documents principales:

Ya sabemos cuales son


1 -- El Primero de Mayor descata el reclutamiento como prioridad estrategica y le remplaza con la organización de una red tecnologica alternativa

2 -- Que el Primero de Mayo hace una prioridad el reclutamiento en el Norte de Mexico

3 -- Que el Primero de Mayor desarrolla un plan de trabajo y estrategia de trabajo internacional


Esta claro que la proxima reunión de miembros sera un campo de debate politico muy fuerte. Como resultandos de debates dentro de nuestra roganización y descontento con alungos de sus dirigentes, creo que el CD que tenemos no será el que emerge de esta reunión.

Por eso tenemos que politizar la elecciones y descatar la personalización que ha caracterizado las elecciones pasadas. Se deben elegir gente por su pensar politico y las aportaciones que ha hecho a nuestros movimientos.

Como parte del proceso electoral del CD, miembros actuales debe subir sus auto-evaluaciones. Deben esta contestar cuatro preguntas:

1 -- Que trabajo ha hecho usted para nuestro movimientos y nuestra organización desde su elección al CD?

2 -- Cual la aportación de ese trabajo al Primero de Mayo y sus objectivos?

3 -- Como usted ha representado el PM en su trabajo?

4 -- Como nos avance si sale electo?

Debe haber espacio para comentarios por otro miembros del CD para garantizar que estas elecciones serán impactadas por la luchas politicas que suceden dentro de nuestra organización.

Miembros renunciados: Ha renunciado cuatro miembros. Su participación en estas elecciones debe ser prohibida y sus evaluaciones debe decir "Este miembro del CD renunció del Comité de Dirección citando diferencias politicas dentro de la organización y rechazando todo esfuerzo por el resto del CD de discutir estas con ellos. Este comportamiento contradice y traciona las responsibilidades de un lider a la miembresía de la organización."

Documentos publicados:

Le reunión debe discutir y hacer decisiones sobre los documentos politicos acordados, las prioridades estrategicas y una declaración sobre el periodo pasado que incluye una auto-criticas por la dirección actual. Este documento de circularse a nuestros aliados y movimientos.