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     2Sythesized Proposal:
     4Meeting dates:
     6The MF/PL membership is in session from Monday, October 19 to
     7Friday, November 13, 2015
     11= Now =
     13Meeting organizers begin mobilization of 50 "key members" from a list we
     14form while scrupulously maintaining the entire membership informed and
     15keying any members we encounter who we think should be on that list.
     16These are the people we know will come to the face to face and
     17participate in the full meeting session for political reasons.
     19We will divide this group by sector and invite them as a sector, with
     20lagnuage specifically tailored to their sector.
     22We will use our CiviCRM database to track all recruitment and RSVPs.
     24= Monday, October 19 =
     26 * Membership meeting period is now officially opened.
     27 * Submission of final documents to the membership by the LC (based on
     28   changes from the workers assembly)
     29 * LC nominations now open
     31= Friday, Nov 6, 2015
     33Pre-meeting Training and workshops day -- NYC and Mexico City, DF.
     35Members are invited to a series of workshops to orient themselves to May
     36First/People Link, learn how to use the control panel, learn how to be
     37more secure in your everyday Internet use, and find out why they should
     38come to the membership meeting.
     40Mid-day we will have a sharing period with Mexico - so Mexico and US
     41members can meet each other.
     43Schedule to be published in advance.
     45= Saturday, Nov 7, 2015 =
     47Face to face meeting and membership convergence -- NYC and Mexico City, DF
     49== Key Note and Panel ==
     51Welcome and Key Note: One person in Mexico and one in the US will
     52provide a key-note, live, via video conference and simultaneous
     53interpretation. In the US proposed speaker: Malkia Cyril.
     55Special presentation panel: The panels will be held separately in the US
     56and Mexico. In the US, proposed panelists: Steve Renderos, Joe
     57Torres, Lenina, Alicia Garza
     59== Presentation and Approval of documents =
     61Final presentation and approval of the published documents.
     63== Lunch ==
     65== Mesas ==
     67Four Mesas -- each on "key areas of struggle" -- to happen separately in
     68the US and Mexico. In the US, these might be: Human and People's Rights
     69and Democracy; Relations with the Earth and Non-Human Life, Alternative
     70Living and Climate Justice; Human Communications, Technology and Art;
     71Relationships with the World.
     73These mesas must produce three "priorities" of no more than 75 words
     76New York and Mexico jointly, via video presentation: Presentation of the
     77mesa proposals and approval by the Membership.
     79= November 7 - Friday, November 13 =
     81Leadership Committee election tally and announcement of new LC.
    285Jamie's Proposal: